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Applican logo

Applican is a platform to connect vetted candidates with companies looking to hire. We match candidates with companies using our proprietary machine learning algorithm based on candidate assessment, company traits, company needs, preferences, and match likelihood. Internship searches are now easier, and companies can also recruit faster, better, and cheaper.


Base Marketing logo

We provide the digital marketing foundation for your growth.

When Base Marketing opened in 2016, our mission was simple: help businesses effectively utilize social media and internet marketing to capture the attention of everyday consumers. We are an agency passionate about providing an integrated solution to marketing in the digital age.

Caliber Contracting LLC logo

CALIBER Contracting LLC is a student based software contracting agency that pairs highly talented students with companies in need of a variety of services. Along with providing them valuable experience and paid work, we bring a new avenue for students to connect professionally with businesses.


Carbon logo

Carbon is an automated investment service designed to protect against loss and maximize gains through unique risk profiles with clients who aren’t currently participating in the stock market out of fear or lack of trust. By translating the hedging principles of skilled investors into meaningful strategies for growth, clients can be more confident in their investments and can begin to rebuild the trust that the financial industry has lost in recent time.


Exodus logo

This week, 200 people will be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis by an MRI scan. Troublingly, many of these individuals will be receiving their diagnosis years after the true inception of their disease, and as a result they are left with irreparable neurological damage due to untreated, unrestricted MS. Exodus is working to develop a blood-based biomarker test for MS that will pioneer an accessible diagnostic, enabling the identification, and treatment, of disease to occur earlier than ever before.

Flint STEM Camps logo

Flint STEM Camps provide a summer camp-in-a-box to school districts that lack the resources to develop STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) summer camps. By providing a free, turnkey solution to school districts, we allow school districts to expose 5-8 grade students to STEM without needing to devote valuable time and resources to developing a STEM summer program.uccess.


Haller logo

Haller is a mobile app that helps enhance the first year experience for students at universities and colleges all over the world. Haller’s private social media platform provides a central location for students to easily have access to resources crucial for their social and academic success within their institution. All of this is done in an attempt to assist students with one of life’s most pivotal transitions. Ultimately, this leads to higher involvement on campus, deeper relationships with fellow students, and a greater commitment to academic success.

Heila Valley

Distance between the patient and therapist create a vacuum in the delivery of proven mental health therapy. This results in 1.4 million suicide attempts per year in the United States alone. Heila Valley uses Biofeedback and Virtual Reality to mend this gap. Thereby, enabling the delivery to patients three of the keys to effective therapy: engagement, working alliance, and healing environment.

Hidden Abilities, LLC logo

Hidden Abilities, LLC is a grassroots, Lawrence based startup that is creating a next generation text-to-speech reading pen for people with reading disabilities such as dyslexia. The Read ‘n Style pen will allow its users to read longer, learn more and achieve the things they have always known they were capable of.

Jamee, one of our founders, grew up struggling with dyslexia and knows exactly how difficult it can be to grow up with a learning disability. When she was younger, her mother would sit with her at the kitchen table every evening and read to her as she followed along in the book. That childhood experience helped give Jamee a leg up in the world, and inspired her to create Hidden Abilities.

Just Play Solutions logo

Just Play Sports Solutions is a sports technology company that is at the forefront of individualized learning and providing coaching tools that enhance individual player development. We provide the easiest and most efficient ways for coaches to teach their players - complete with brain training and mobile access. JUSTPLAY allows coaches and players to be more effective in their game preparation.


Lume Lifestyle logo

Lume Lifestyle is a technology integrated athleisure apparel brand. We have developed Lume Smart Leggings – a unique, patent pending solution to accommodate the consumer's need to conveniently, safely, and seamlessly house their smart devices within their clothing.

Modern Nomad Furniture logo

Modern Nomad Furniture provides young professionals with uniquely beautiful, high quality furniture that is easy to assemble. This is achieved through innovative design and CNC kerf cutting which creates a beautiful bendable wood material with minimal waste. We differ from competitors in that our unique construction creates an easy-assembly, flat packed product that does not compromise on quality or aesthetic. Modern Nomad has been the recipient of an Undergraduate Research award, as well as first prize at the Lawrence Startup Weekend Challenge, and the Morris New Venture Business Plan Competition.

Sperkley logo

Sperkley assists rental property hosts in finding reliable, affordable, and efficient helping hands in their community to enable them to spend less time cleaning up after their guests/managing their properties leaving more time to enjoy life.

TheraWe Connect logo

Critical therapy to help children with development disability is currently prescribed in a non-digitized form creating significant workloads for therapists, inaccurate interpretation by parents and jeopardy of best possible learning outcomes. TheraWe Connect is a HIPAA compliant B2B video platform that enables therapists to easily communicate in the form most likely to achieve optimal therapy results. Parents can better understand, master and implement desired therapies. TheraWe will partner with large therapy centers to maximize time saving benefits to therapists and outcome improvements to parents and children.

The Message Counts logo

The Message Counts helps parents and caregivers choose the stories for their kids. In a modern age of overwhelming choices, The Message Counts gives parents a place on the web where they can browse tagged lists and reviews of media items from around the world. Parents can assign tags to children's books, write reviews and form groups that help make these important purchasing decisions easier.


UAVradars logo

UAVradars is dedicated to unlocking the full societal benefits of commercial drones by providing them onboard collision-avoidance capability using cutting edge radar technology. By enhancing their safety, UAVradars will enable a wider array of commercial drone applications from precision agriculture to search and rescue which will have a significant positive impact on the United States. The detection capability provided by the radar system will be critical for drone operation beyond line-of-sight and could set the standard for commercial drone collision avoidance technology.


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